Feature rich

The Zocampus Platform is feature heavy for all users of the system be it Course Instructors, Students or Course Administrators. Course creators can create courses in multimedia formats for effective teaching supported by text and presentations.

Unified Content

User Friendly Interface

The Zocampus interface is fairly simple to use and comprehend and is backed by a Help Tool that will assist in questions. All the features are easy to navigate and maneuver around.

Mobile Access

Customization friendly

The Zocampus tool is optimized for customization. Be it a school, a college or a University with students on campus or to support distance learning, this tool is ideal to suit any environment or mode of learning.

Safe and Secure

Highly Secure and Reliable

Zocampus is a highly secure platform that conforms to Standards and is SCORM compliant. Be assured your data is secured and will not be shared.

Mobile Access

Cloud Hosting

Zocampus is a cloud based LMS. So there is no need for hardware or heavy duty servers. Go Light with Zocampus.

Safe and Secure

Low Cost & Flexi Pricing

The Zocampus Tool is very competitively priced owing to the number of users that can use this platform.